Appraisers Insured by LIA: Free Live CE Seminar in Santa Barbara on June 12

For real estate appraisers insured by LIA — especially those in or near Santa Barbara:

Thank you for buying your E&O insurance from LIA!  LIA is hosting a free live CE seminar in our hometown Santa Barbara.  The seminar is entitled “Hot Topics & Myths in Appraiser Liability.”
The date and time are: June 12, 2018, 1:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The location is at a local club in downtown Santa Barbara and will be given at the time of RSVP.  LIA will host hors d’oeuvres and beverages following the seminar, if you’d like to stay and chat with local colleagues or some of us at LIA.

Please let me know soon, if you’d like to attend.  The venue is small and limited to 30 seats, which will be given in order of RSVP. 

This is the seminar:

“Hot Topics & Myths in Appraiser Liability”
 3 Hours California Appraiser CE (BREA Course No. 16CP119903002).   
Peter Christensen, general counsel, LIA Administrators & Insurance Services.
Course Summary  
The seminar covers current liability trends affecting appraisers and dispels some common myths and misunderstandings.  Actual lawsuits and claims form the foundation of the program.  I will be talking, in particular, about two recently published California appellate court decisions involving appraiser liability – and giving specific language suggestions on what to include in your reports in light of those decisions. 
These are the types of questions answered by the seminar:  Who is currently suing appraisers? What do they sue for?  How do the USPAP concepts of intended use and user relate to an appraiser’s potential liability? Based on recent case law, how can an appraiser use these concepts to protect themselves against unwarranted liability?  What liability exposures exist for appraisal review work? Can I sue a review appraiser for negligence over a bad review?  What’s liability risk for non-lending work?   
E&O Discount Information
While we usually offer an E&O discount for seminars; no discount will apply to this seminar because it is free.
Please email me if you would like to come (  As mentioned above, the seats will be given to our insureds who reserve first.

Thank you,
Peter Christensen